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We want nothing more than for you to look and feel amazing on your wedding day!
With over a decade of experience working with Brides all over the country and winning national awards for bridal hair, we put our focus into making sure your wedding morning runs smoothly, creating beautiful styles that last all day long.

 How to book !

We will tailor make your wedding package to ensure you get the best value for your day.
Fill out our Wedding Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with availability and pricing.

Your Bridal Trial

Now that you have set a date and picked your dress,  I'ts time to put it all together and decide on your dream wedding hair. It's a wonderful experience where you will get the opportunity to have a glimpse of your special day!  You will be able to leave the salon even more excited, with an idea of how you will look as a real Bride, and know that you can relax and enjoy the special moments of your wedding morning!

We will ask you to bring a picture of your dress and 2-3 hairstyle photos that you love.  Your Bridal Stylist will spend an hour or so going through different options and creating a unique style for you.   

Don't worry if you really don't have any idea of what you would like, we can spend extra time with you, and your experienced stylist will do all the work to help you choose!

See some of our recent Brides below for some inspiration!

Some lovely words from our brides...

"Thank you so so much!!! Can't believe how quickly you understood what I wanted.  Simply amazing, loved the final look!"
- Komal Talekar"

"To Katie, It could only have been you that I trusted with my hair on my wedding day. The best in the business and a friend"
- Lorena

To Katie & Sorcha, Thank you for all your time, hard work and attention to ensuring we looked the best version of ourselves on our wedding day.  Our hair lasted so well and complemented everyone's dresses. Thanks again
- Aoife 

Thanks so much girls.  Loved having ye there & was really pleased with my hair"

- Triona O'Donnell

Wedding Hair Preparation Tips

Looking after our hair is often forgotten about when it comes to the big day.
We often focus so much on our skin, and trying everything it takes to fit into our wedding dress.
What we don't remember is that our skin doesn't stop at the tip of our forehead. We have hair that needs to glow on our wedding day too!
As much as we try to lose weight and flush toxins, we have to remember the importance of nutrition for our hair to glow- and thankfully its not just your diet you have to rely on!
You have so much time to get your hair glowing on the streets!
Imagine starting to really concentrate on your hair just when you get engaged!

Here's 3 quick tips to help you prep the crown you never take off for your big day;

1. TRIM -
You have to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks! We cant stress enough the importance of getting rid of broken strands.
If you leave your hair longer than 8 weeks, the ends of your hair get weaker and just keep splitting up the way= frizzy bits on your day!

Protect your hair from heat & pollution leading up to your wedding. Avoid shampooing the tips too much and just focus on gently cleansing the scalp. Keep your hairdryer on a low-medium heat setting and always use a heat protector. Kevin Murphy heated.defense and Studio Heat Protect spray are our favourites.

Treat your hair to the right nutrition. Stay away from parabens, mineral oils, harsh sulphates. You don't need these nasties dulling that beautiful colour, or those heavy oils making your hair greasy.
Book a free consultation with us to help you choose the best haircare regimen!

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