Eclipse Luxury Hair Extensions are one of the most luxurious hair extension brands available

using only the finest quality Brazilian Human Remy Hair.

With correct application and aftercare,

Eclipse Luxury Hair Extensions can last up to a Year!

Eclipse ensures that all certified stylists have been trained and assessed to ensure they

have the knowledge and expertise to apply extensions & customise techniques to suit the hair type.

Looking After Your Eclipse Hair Extensions !


Before getting your new Eclipse Hair Extensions, It is important that you shampoo your hair that day with silicone free shampoo and apply conditioner only on the ends of your hair.  Rinse thoroughly and dry afterwards. This will ensure a strong and healthy connection.

ONLY use correct products as advised by your certified stylist. It is extremely important to use ONLY sulphate free shampoo on your Eclipse hair extensions.  This will maximise your result and sustain the high quality of the hair.


Washing your Hair Extensions

  • Brush your hair extensions before shampooing your hair to ensure its tangle free. Secure the Hair with one hand whilst detangling to avoid any pressure or tension on the extensions or natural hair.

  • Lather gently from roots to tips. Don't use a rough scrubbing motion which can cause tangling.

  • Make sure that you wash all around the locks with shampoo and rinse it out thoroughly.  Repeat 2-3 times if necessary to ensure the roots are clean.  It is extremely important that the roots are kept clean to prevent build up around the beads which can cause damage to the I-tips and your scalp becoming itchy and irritated.

  • Remove the heavy wet before applying conditioner generously throughout the mid lengths and ends. Avoid contact anywhere near root area or the locks as this may soften the I-tips and damage them.  For best results leave conditioner in for 3–5minutes before rinsing and comb through your hair extensions.

  • Weekly treatments are recommended, again ensuring no contact with the roots or the locks.

  • Don’t shampoo over the bath as may create problems when detangling.


Drying your Hair Extensions

  • Begin by blotting your hair gently with a towel to remove excess water.

  • Always use leave in conditioner and a nourishing serum on the ends to keep them looking silky.

  • Comb thoroughly to remove any tangles.  Remember not to be too rough when brushing your hair, especially when it is wet as this could cause damage to your own hair and your hair extensions.

  • Use heat protector EVERY time you dry your hair or use any hot tools.  This will maximise your results and prevent any damage, breakage or discolouration of your new hair extensions. Comb through your hair to ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout ensuring everywhere is protected.

  • Section your hair and starting underneath, dry the hair with the nozzle of your hairdryer ALWAYS pointing downwards, drying the hair from roots to ends.  If you can, use a hairbrush for less tangling and a smoother result.

  •  Always use the medium heat setting when drying the roots of your hair extensions to prevent damage to the I-tips.

  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair.

  • Don’t leave your hair wet for longer periods of time without detangling as may become matted.

  • When using hot tools such as straighteners or curling tongs, ensure the temperature doesn't exceed 190℃ to prevent damage to your new hair.


Other tips to look after your Hair Extensions


  • Gather your hair into a loose side ponytail or braid when sleeping.

  • Avoid tight up-styles  or ponytails for the first few days after hair extension application.

  • When back combing, take care to only tease the hair after the lock attachment to prevent matting of your own hair.

  • When swimming, always tie your hair in a ponytail or braid and apply conditioner to the hair to act as a barrier against harmful chlorine/salt water etc. Always shampoo immediately after swimming and detangle as normal.

  • Always cover your hair when in direct sunlight for long periods of time to prevent damage and discolouration.

  • Don’t allow bronzers/fake tans/make-up/sun creams or products with tint in them to make contact with your hair extensions, especially if you are in the sun as you may experience discolouration particularly noticeable in lighter colours.

  • If you live in an area where you have a problem with minerals in your water, you may need to use special products and clean water to avoid discolouration.  Also if you are travelling on holidays where the mineral content may be different to at home, it is advisable to wash your hair with bottled water only.

  • Always dry the root area of your Eclipse Hair Extensions as soon as possible after washing your hair to prevent softening and weakening of the bonds. Use a medium temperature not to damage the bonds or the hair.

  • We recommend you brush your scalp at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to keep your hair extensions clean at the root area with a recommended hair extensions brush.

  • Don’t attempt to maintain, remove or adjust your hair extensions yourself.  It would be like removing your own gel nails and it can cause significant damage to your hair.

  • Don’t leave your Eclipse Hair Extensions in for longer than 3 months (8-10 weeks if the natural hair is fine). If your hair extensions are left in for longer than the recommended time some damage or matting may occur.

  • When arranging your appointment to reuse your hair we advise booking another consultation so the stylist can review and assess your hair extensions to see if any new hair is required or any adjustments you would like to make.

As a result of natural shedding (approx. 100 strands per day) it is not unusual to shed anywhere from 0–15 Eclipse Hair strands over the course of the term of wear. 

Your stylist normally allows for this during the application.

Make sure you keep the strands in a safe place so they can be reapplied.

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