Katie Simpson

Hi , I'm Katie , Owner of Kreation Hairdressing.

I have been working in the hairdressing industry for over 15 years and love it more each day.

I recently completed my Master Colour Degree as I absolutely love colour and wanted to extend my knowledge greatly.

I have a true passion for creating gorgeous healthy hair as well as building a friendship and giving my clients a luxury salon experience.

I love anything creative and girly!

Being part of a Bride's Wedding day is one of my favourite and fun things to do.

I love everything from hearing about their dress, hairpiece, venue and so on, and then creating a beautiful hairstyle to make everything complete.

I also specialise in Hair Extensions! 

I love giving clients a complete new makeover and seeing them so happy when they can have the hair they have always dreamed of.

I have always loved challenging myself and I'm constantly on the lookout for new up and coming trends.  

I have competed in several National Hair Competitions and was lucky to bring home many awards over the years.

I love travelling and experiencing different cultures around the world. 

It's one thing I can't live without and is one of my main motivations!

On Sundays, it's Family Day!! I spend this with the most supporting people in my life!

(that's if I'm not off off training or on the look out for new hair stuff!)

Favourite quote; "When it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for stars"