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If you are suffering from unruly locks, aggravated by the wonderfully damp Irish climate, then Lisse Design is created especially for you!

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy is a smoothing treatment for all hair types. Lisse is a revolutionary treatment to create smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle free hair using an innovative Keratin based technique.
It contains Keratin & Collagen, a complex that guarantees long-lasting smoothness & 
BABASSU OIL which is a precious Amazonian oil with extraordinary moisturising properties: the hair looks soft, silky and shiny.
1. Super smooth
2. Manageable but Natural
3. Cosmetic and Shiny

We offer 3 types of Lisse Design Services at Kreation;

1. Lisse Design Service - For Sleek Hair
(also known as the famous 12 Week Blow-dry)
With results lasting up to 3 months this treatment eliminates frizz, is paraben-free and 100% safe
(conforms to European and International standards). 
Lisse Design Therapy is a progressive treatment, at each application the affect is better and longer lasting.
This is a surface treatment, unlike chemical straightening your natural wave/curl will gradually return over the 12-16 week time frame. Styling time is reduced dramatically leaving your hair easier to manage.
(Please note - this does NOT STRAIGHTEN your hair)

(Includes maintenance Shampoo, Conditioner + blow-dry)
Takes approximately 2-3 hours


2. Easy Lisse service - To keep the Frizz at bay
(known as the 6 week Blow-dry)
In less than 90mins Volume and frizz are under control for up to six weeks and make every day styling easier.
Manageable and soft hair, with long lasting shine.
Also with each application the affect is better and longer lasting.

Takes < 90mins

3. Lisse Design Rehydrating Mask
Moisturizes hair and prevents dryness, helps slow the natural drying process.
Hair looks bright, shiny and is easy to comb.

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