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Light Brown


Product description

RETOUCH.ME is a temporary cover-up spray designed to instantly and seamlessly blend greys and new root growth. RETOUCH.ME allows you to go about your busy life knowing that your hair is looking its very best and is covered from all angles. 

The cover-up spray sends micro-fine, light reflecting pigments to any greys and new growth to blend seamlessly with your shade. With a splatter free nozzle and fast drying formula, the spray has a satin finish which stops your hair from looking dull or going gluggy.





How to use

Begin with dry hair and part the hair where desired. Then use the nozzle to spray evenly and lightly wherever blending is needed. Take care to spray the hair not the scalp, and let the product set for a few seconds. For best results, let the product dry before touching. RETOUCH.ME is designed to last throughout the day and is removable by washing the hair. 



  • Covers greys
  • Adds dimension
  • Creates temporary variations of Balayage
  • Blend new growth


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