Instantly hydrates bleached, double-processed, or high-lifted blonde hairAdds softness and shineKeeps hair polished and brightNeutralizes chlorine and removes trace minerals to detox hair Directions: Apply a generous amount to damp, freshly cleansed hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse. Use 1-2 times weekly. SMART RELEASE TECHNOLOGYPacks our triple-powered, healthy hair ingredients inside an invisible liposome. This unique delivery system offers continuous release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring damage caused by daily styling and wear.ARGININEA naturally occurring amino acid crucial to hair’s strength. Products that include Arginine help protect hair and rebuild it from the inside out.MONOI OILA rare, exotic blend of Coconut Oil and Tahitian Gardenia Flower, helps fight frizz and boost shine while also helping to protect hair from environmental damage.TAMANU OILA rich, Southeast Asian UV-absorber packed with fortifying Omega-6 and -9, helps deeply hydrate hair, bump up shine, and banish brittle strands.

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque 150ml

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