Nickname: Ready!


I started working at Kreation a year ago.

I have over 10 years experience in the hairdressing industry.

I worked as a hairdresser in Brazil for 6 years as well as being a personal trainer!

I first moved to galway and worked as a hairdresser there for a few more years. I have now settled in Sligo with my daughter and I love it here!

I have worked with lots of different brands but I can honestly say that Alfaparf is my favourite brand to work with!

I love the shine that Alfaparf colours give and I am happy that I get to work with this brand every day.

I really really love everything to do with Colour and seeing the lift it gives my clients when they leave the salon.


I am very honest with my clients, as well as my team members and I think that this makes them feel like they can trust me with their hair!


My nickname was actually only given to me at this salon, the girls say I am always ready - for work, for nights out and for fun!

 I love to prepare myself for gym and work by listening my music while I drive my car!

I love to go to the gym every day and my favourite thing to do is to run- it makes me faster in the salon :) !!


Favourite Quote: “Never give up”